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   Well, Is This Desire? is of course GENIUS!!! Give me feedback, should we set up a time for PJH chats maybe weekly? "Broken Homes," Polly's collaboration song with Tricky was released a while ago and you can download a clip of the video from MTV Online.

The latest news from SPINonline on America Online is:
PJ Harvey will make her first live appearance in two years this summer. The NME reports that Harvey will highlight the NME stage at the UK rock fest V98, scheduled for August 22 and 23. Harvey will be joined by Republica, The Dandy Warhols, The Verve, Green Day, Iggy Pop, and Chumbawamba, among others. Sources at her management company tell us that there are no other live dates planned at the moment. However, the singer's long awaited new album, still titled Is This Desire?, is tentatively slated for a September release. Fans who can't wait to hear new Harvey material might want to check out her upcoming duet with Tricky entitled "Broken Homes." It's due out in May.

I'd had PJ Harvey's albums for years, and really liked them, but I had never known anything about Polly or what she was like.  One day, on the pjh.org talk list, I mentioned that I had absolutely no PJ Harvey video or bootlegs.  A day or so later, I was e-mailed by this person, saying he would be willing to trade his PJ Harvey video for mine, or he could sell them to me.

I was so happy.  I explained to him that I would have to buy them because I had none whatsoever, and he was kind enough to tape me 2 videotapes, and 6 audio tapes, one of which contained Dance Hall At Louse Point, which I had just never gotten around to buying.  A few weeks later, I got them in the mail.  Normally, during the summer I sleep until noon, and it was probably about 12:30 before I went out to check the mail.  I screamed really loud when I saw the package, and the neighbors that were outside gave me odd looks.  Oh well.  I had PJ Harvey stuff, and that's all that mattered.  I rushed into the house and excitedly e-mailed my new friend, telling him that I got the tapes.  In the days to come, I came to know Polly better than I know my family.  She had always sort of intimidated me since the release of To Bring You My Love, because she was heavily sporting the makeup, and she seemed like this demon-performer.  Once I had watched the tapes, I was shocked to learn that Polly was quite shy at times, and she was a completely different person on-stage than off.  Offstage, she's very sweet, but overall, very honest.  On-stage, she's heavily self-confident, and is so professional about it, and has a great time.  But with these videos, PJ Harvey quickly became my favourite band, which is something that was surprising to me.  Hole, Courtney Love's band, had been my overall favourite band for over 4 years.  Now, if I see anything I don't own that's PJ Harvey, I compulsively buy it.
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