Circus Magazine
Review of Dance Hall At Louse Point
    It is a thin line that PJ Harvey crosses.  And it is indeed a cross to bear as well.  While many simply lump her in with the Liz Phairs of this world, Polly Jean expands and re-designs herself far from her '95 debut, To Bring You My Love, with guitarist/percussionist/producer John Parish on Dance Hall At Louse Point.
    Harvey, who wrote the lyrics, sings plaintively on the dozen tracks which are burdened with cram and sometimes obscurity on this latest effort.  This piece of work is far from mainstream, or rather challenging for it.  Art for art's sake, the duo's cover of Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is?", has a sullen aroma, like aged wine.
    From the laggard, fragmented guitar details with which Parish unguards "Girl," this is not easy listening, even for experimentalists.  PJ Harvey and Parish have mixed musical thoughts into a Smartini of a drink - shaken and stirred.

(note: since when was TBYML the debut album???)